Shipping September:
 N Santa Fe Super Chief Starter Sets
 N F40PH VRE, Metrolink, Caltrain with DCC
 N AC4400CW C&NW with DCC


Coming Soon:
 HO MAXI-IV BNSF, TTX and Pacer Well Cars
 N ACF Covered Hopper 8-Car Set
 N C&NW "400" 6-Unit Set
 N Metra Pullman Bi-Level Cars
 N SD70ACe BNSF Nose HL versions
 N Superliner I + II Modern Paint Cars
 N SD70ACe UP #1111 "Powered by Our People"
 N Broadway Limited Named Train new release
 N PRR E8 new release for BWL
 N GG1 Red and Green new release for BWL
 N EMD SD70ACe NS Cab HL versions
 N EMD F7 Freight Two-packs with DCC
 N GG1 Penn Central locomotives with DCC
 HO EMD SD40-2 locomotives with DCC


Recently Shipped:
 N UP Excursion Train & Water Tenders
 N EMD SD70ACe "The Spirit" + GB #4141, Analog & DCC
 N SubTerrain T-Trak Kits
 N Viewliner II Baggage Cars

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Featured video: Posted 7/29/19 - Product previews of June and July 2019's latest releases, hosted from Hobby Center Kato in Tokyo! In addition to seeing our latest and upcoming releases, you will take a brief tour of some of the display cases and layouts present at Kato's headquarters in Japan - a must-view for any model railroading enthusiast!


September 17th, 2019

Recent Updates -

  New N Penn Central GG1 locos with DCC listed - 9/13/2019
  New N EMD F7A GN+NP locos with DCC listed - 9/13/2019
  New HO EMD SD40-2 locos with DCC listed - 9/13/2019
  New EMD SD70ACe Norfolk Southern locomotives added - 9/13/2019
  2019 T-Trak Module Contest Page added - 8/27/2019
  Parts kit pre-orders for BM70M and GG1 Pantographs added - 8/14/2019
  New N PRR Broadway Limited production info added - 8/13/2019
  New N PRR GG1 production info added - 8/13/2019
  New N PRR E8A production info added - 8/13/2019
  New N SD70ACe UP #1111 "Powered by our People" added - 8/13/2019
  Pre-Production photos of new N Pullman Bi-Level cars added to site - 7/25/2019
  New N SD70ACe BNSF Nose Headlight version added - 7/10/2019
  N SD70ACe CSX locomotives with DCC added - 7/10/2019
  New N Superliner I + II Products added - 7/10/2019
  New consumer poll added! - 7/5/2019
  New Page added for SubTerrain T-Trak kits - 6/20/2019
  Final product images uploaded of Viewliner II Baggage Car - 6/13/2019
  Final product images uploaded of New release ES44ACs - 6/13/2019
  New C&NW "400" Train Homepage Added to Site - 6/7/2019
  New Pullman Bi-Level Chicago Metra Cars Added to Site - 6/7/2019
  New ACF Hopper 8-Car Set Added to Site - 5/9/2019
  New ALCO Sound Card Information Added to Site - 5/9/2019
  Web poll closed - results posted - 4/10/2019
  HO MAXI-IV page updated with new BNSF, TTX and Pacer releases - 4/9/2019
  New Product Photo added of Viewliner II Baggage Car - 3/1/2019
  NEW Suburban Platform DX and Lighting kits added to site - 2/22/2019
  New consumer poll added! - 2/19/2019
  N PA-1 page updated with pre-production photos the Santa Fe Goldbonnet engine - 1/28/2019
  N F40PH page updated with production photos of new Metra releases - 1/28/2019
  N Amtrak Single-Level Car page updated with new Viewliner II information - 1/11/2019
  N UP Excursion Train Page updated with re-run information - 1/11/2019
  N SD70ACe Page updated with Re-run for #1943 and #4141 George Bush Unit - 12/8/2018
  New consumer poll added! - 10/26/2018
  Smart Device Controller Page added - 10/9/2018
  N Santa Fe El Capitan Page updated with new items - 10/9/2018
  N ALCO PA-1 Page updated with new items - 10/9/2018
  N SD70ACe Page updated with final product shots of the Spirit SD70ACe - 9/28/2018


Latest releases now available -

  N FEF-3 Union Pacific Ready to Run DCC Engines (DCC)
  N EMD F40PH Chicago Metra Engines (DC)
  N EMD SD70ACe Union Pacific (DC and DCC)
  N Operation North Pole 2017 Train
  N Gunderson MAXI-IV TTX Well Cars
  N EMD E8 Union Pacific Locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N SD70MAC ARR + BNSF "Swoosh" (DC and DCC)
  HO Amtrak Superliner I Phase VI Cars
  HO Amtrak Superliner II Transition Sleeper Cars
  N F40PH Amtrak Phase III locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N F3, E5, and PA locomotives for the California Zephyr (DC and DCC)
  N Milwaukee Road Olympian Hiawatha + FP7 locomotives
  N ES44AC BNSF, CSX, CN, CP and UP locomotives
  N SD70M UP and NS locomotives
  N AC4400CW UP and CNW locomotives
  N Operation North Pole Christmas Train (DC)
  N FEF-3 Excursion and Freight locomotives (DC)
  N EMD SDP40F Amtrak Phase II Locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N EMD F7A+B NP Freight Locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N Amtrak Southwest Limited 8-car Set
  N EMD SDP40F Amtrak Phase I Locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N EMD F7A+B GN Freight Locomotives (DC and DCC)

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