Shipped on 7/27:
 N Gunderson MAXI-I Maersk


Shipping Soon:
 Kato Store Exclusive HO GP35s
 N GE P42 Amtrak Phase Vb locomotives
 HO GE C44-9W UP and SP locomotives
 HO Gunderson MAXI-IV TTX + AOK
 N Gunderson MAXI-I TTX New Logo
 N UP FEF-3, Water Tender Set and Excursion Train Re-Run
 N ACS-64 Cities Sprinter + Amfleet I Car Sets
 N Amfleet I 2-Car Sets
 N Santa Fe Freight BlueBonnet F7's
 N Santa Fe Freight Cigar Band F7's


Recently Shipped:
 HO GE P42 Amtrak Phase Vb locomotives
 Kato Store Exclusive N Cabooses
 FEF-3/GS-4 Sound card for Sound Box

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Featured video: Get a sneak peak at the upcoming FEF-3 and GS-4 Combination Heavy Steam Sound Card for the Kato Soundbox on our Youtube channel!


July 15th, 2015

Recent Updates -

  N EMD F7 Santa Fe Freight Bluebonnet and Cigar Band locos announced - 7/10/2015
  Online Shop NS Cabooses arrived and in stock - 7/1/2015
  Video preview of FEF-3/GS/4 Sound Card posted - 6/3/2015
  Heavy Steam FEF-3/GS-4 Sound Card for Sound Box announced - 5/11/2015
  N ACS-64 Electric Locomotive Announced - 5/11/2015
  N Amfleet I Amtrak Passenger Cars Announced - 5/11/2015
  N GE P42 Amtrak Phase Vb new road #'s Announced - 5/11/2015
  N Gunderson MAXI-I New TTX + Maersk releases Announced - 5/11/2015
  HO GE C44-9W SP and UP New Release Announced - 5/11/2015
  HO Gunderson MAXI-IV AOK and TTX New Release Announced - 5/11/2015
  N FEF-3, UP Excursion and Water Car new release announced - 5/11/2015
  Recent Magazine ads updated - 5/11/2015

  New video posted to Kato USA Youtube Channel featuring N F3's and HO GP35's - 4/17/2015
  Kato Web-Exclusive Custom HO GP35 and N Cabooses added to the online shop - 4/8/2015
  HO P42 Phase Vb new road numbers announced - 4/7/2015
  HO GP35 NYC and Santa Fe Final Product Photos updated - 3/23/2015
  N F3 UP, CB&Q SP Final Product Photos updated - 3/12/2015
  HO GP35 Parts restocked - 3/12/2015
  Kato Online Store Direct Special - UP Excursion Cars Available - 2/11/2015
  Soundbox homepage updated with final product photos and video - 12/29/2014
  N FEF-3, UP Excursion and Water Cars updated as Now Available - 12/5/2014
  Final UP Excursion and Water Car Photos posted - 11/26/2014
  FEF, Excursion Train and Water Car Unboxing video posted - 11/25/2014
  Analog Sound Box info page posted - 11/6/2014


Latest releases now available -

  N Gunderson MAXI-I MAERSK Well Cars
  N Online Shop Exclusive Kobo NS Cabooses
  HO GE P42 Amtrak Phase Vb Locomotives (DC)
  N Amtrak P42 and Santa Fe Super Chief Starter Sets
  N Amtrak Superliner Phase IVb 4 car Sets
  HO EMD GP35 NYC Locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N&HO Unitrack Soundbox
  HO EMD SD80MAC CSX and NS Locomotives (DC and DCC)
  HO Gunderson MAXI-IV Pacer + TTX Well Cars
  N UP Excursion Train and Water cars
  N GE ES44AC CN and CP locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N GE ES44AC CSX locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N GE ES44AC UP and BNSF locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N EMD F2/F3 Freight two-packs (DC and DCC)
  HO EMD P42 Amtrak 40th Ann. Phase III and IV locomotives (DC)

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