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EMD SD40-2 Mid Production

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General Maintenance Tips

Ditch Lights on DC (Analog): Our HO SD40-2 Mid-Production model has an onboard ditch light controller which is keyed into current from the track. By quickly flipping the controller from forward to brake and back again (or, alternatively, cranking the throttle quickly down to zero and back up again), you will switch the ditch lights between their steady and alternating settings. The locomotive will not lose velocity during this time due to its flywheel drive.

Ditch Lights on DCC: The ditch light functions are programmed into the lightboard of the locomotive which is equipped with a standard 8-pin DCC decoder slot. This means that the ditchlights will be controllable on DCC as well as on analog (DC).

Lubrication: Unless a locomotive has been sitting for a long period of time without use, Kato locomotives will not need lubrication prior to running. In fact, excessive lubrication can facilitate gunky buildup in your motor and impede performance.

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