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Prototype Information:

The SD80MAC series was introduced by EMD in late 1995. Conrail was the first railroad to receive the SD80MAC in early 1996, and as it would turn out, Conrail would be the only original buyer of this locomotive, even purchasing both of the demonstrator units. CSX and Norfolk Southern have since acquired these units.

The behemoth SD80MAC can generate up to 5,000 horsepower and has a maximum speed of the SD80MAC is 75 mph. It is equipped with the EMD HTCR-II radial truck that is capable of reducing the angle of wear between wheels and rail.

Model Features:

  • DCC Friendly mechanism with a standard 8-pin plug for easy decoder installation.
  • Directional headlights and lighted ditch lights
  • Powerful five pole motor with dual brass flywheels
  • Roadname specific headlight placement and truck type
  • All wheel electrical pickup from scale 42" blackened metal wheels
  • Comes with a number of consumer applied detail parts such as individually molded windshield wipers, MU hoses, and grab irons.

Available Paint Schemes; click for higher resolution images

CSX "Dark Future"

Norfolk Southern


Current Models

Item # Description
Road Number
37-6348 HO EMD SD80MAC CSX "Dark Future"
37-6349 HO EMD SD80MAC Norfolk Southern
37-6371 HO EMD SD80MAC Conrail
37-6372 HO EMD SD80MAC CSX "Dark Future"
37-6373 HO EMD SD80MAC CSX "Dark Future"
37-6374 HO EMD SD80MAC Norfolk Southern
37-6375 HO EMD SD80MAC Norfolk Southern
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