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Use the accessories listed below to complete or expand your Unitrack layout.

Power for your Layouts
Item # + Photo Description MSRP
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KATO Power Pack Standard SX
  • Controller
  • A/C Wall Plug Adapter
Kato Power Supply 12V
  • Outputs DC13.5V 2.2A
  • Ideal for N Gauge Layouts
  • Can be used with the 22-019 Smart Device Controller or 22-018-1 Power Pack Standard SX
Kato Power Supply 16V
  • Outputs DC16V 2.1A
  • Ideal for HO Gauge Layouts
  • Can be used with the 22-019 Smart Device Controller or 22-018-1 Power Pack Standard SX
Add-ons and Adapters
Item # Description MSRP
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HO Rerailer Ramp w/ UniJoiner Remover [1 pc] $4.00
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HO Left Hand DC Turnout Machine [1 pc]
Use with Manual Turnout #2-840
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HO Right Hand DC Turnout Machine [1 pc]
Use with Manual Turnout #2-841
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Unitrack Ballast [200 gram (7 oz) plastic bag]
Fine grain; colored to match Unitrack.
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UniJoiner [20 pcs] $6.50
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Insulated UniJoiner [20 pcs] $6.50
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Terminal UniJoiner, 35" Leads [1 pair] $5.00
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DC Extension Cord, 35" [1 pc] $4.00
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AC Extension Cord, 35" [1 pc] $4.00
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3-Way Extension Cord, 35" [1 pc] $6.50
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Accessory Adapter for #22-014 Power Pack [1 pc]
Used to connect #24-844 Signal Power Supply to a Kato Power Pack
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N & HO Replacement Turnout cable [1 pc]
Replacement removable cable for the following N & HO Gauge Turnouts: 20-220, 20-221, 20-222, 2-860, 2-861
Buy from the Kato parts store
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Turnout Control Switch [1 pc] $10.00
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Turnout Extension Cord, 35" [1 pc] $4.00
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DC Converter [1 pc]
Used to connect #24-840 turnout control switches to a non-Kato Power pack via the accessory output.
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Terminal Adapter Cord, 35" [1 pc]
Used to connect track leads to power pack terminals when using a non-Kato Power Pack with Unitrack.
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Automatic Three-Color Signal Power Supply [1 pc]
Used to power up to three #2-601 Three color signals.
Connect to the output of #24-829 when using the system with a Kato Power Pack.
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Stop Signal Switch [1 pc]
Used to manually trigger the lighting change on a #2-601 Three color Signal
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Power Feed Control Switch
Allows you to turn on/off track feeders at will in order to isolate track sections at command. Usable with the Turntable Extension Tracks or in general with other UNITRACK Feeders or terminal Unijoiners.
24-851 Power Direction Control Switch
Control box allows you to reverse the direction of a track feeder at will in order to easily implement reversing loops.

Important note:

With the exception of model parts, product catalogs, and KOBO custom items, Kato USA does no direct consumer sales of models, Unitrack, or related items. Please visit your local retail hobby shop to purchase our products.


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