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The PRR Broadway Limited

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The Broadway Limited as one might have seen it after arriving late at the historic Penn Station in New York, night crews cleaning and prepping the cars for use the following day.
Seen from a more common daylight perspective, the Broadway's tail car is a little less ominous, and you can see the semi-reflective shine of the cars as they would have appeared when they were new.
BM70M Baggage-Mail Heavyweight car #6579

12-Duplex 4-Double Bed "College Creek"
5-Double Bed Bar-Lounge "Harbor Cove"
Diner and Kitchen-Dormitory #4608 and 4609
10-6 Sleeper "Racoon Rapids"
10-6 Sleeper "Turtle Rapids"
10-6 Sleeper "Schuylkill Rapids Rapids"
Observation "Mountain View"
Budd 21-Roomette "Massillon Inn"
Budd 21-Roomette "Ravenna Inn"
4-4-2 Sleeper "Imperial Trees"
4-4-2 Sleeper "Imperial Bower"
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