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GE C44-9W

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This image grants an excellent view of many of the changes to the C44-9W mold we have implemented: Note the deck mounted ditchlights, the illuminated numberboards, crisper walkway detailing, and the prototypically correct front handrailings. You can also see the molded MU hose details, and of course the distinctive "Bloody Nose" of the SP units.
When the UP acquired the Southern Pacific railroad, it in turn acquired its rail power. Because a lot of SP locomotives were specially built with certain SP specific details (such high mount ditch lights) that made them different from later purchased UP specific units. Here you can see an SP and a UP C44-9W waiting in a yard, the UP unit freshly re-painted from an SP locomotive while the SP awaits its turn.
The new BNSF Swoosh and Warbonnet C44-9W releases include some all-new features for Kato in N scale, such as separately colored end and safety railings
The 700 series of C44-9W locomotives date all the way back to the origin of the BNSF...
... even down to some retaining the original Sante Fe colors they were being painted in upon delivery.
Run them together for an impressive generational display!
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