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The California Zephyr

Prototype Information:

Established as a "cruise train," the California Zephyr initiated service on March 20, 1949, heading eastbound to Chicago. In the first years, the CZ, as it came to be known, was the main transportation between Chicago and San Francisco, covering the 2,532 miles in just over two days, traveling "the scenic way across America."

The scheduling of the CZ purposefully put it in the magnificent landscape of the Rocky Mountains and Feather River during daylight hours, much to the delight of passengers. With its breathtaking scenery outside and excellent service inside, the CZ was "the most talked about train in the country."

The California Zephyr was run as a shared effort between the CB&Q, D&RGW, and Western Pacific railroads, and as such was made up of a mix of cars provided by the three roads, and was pulled by different sets of locomotives through the three main legs of its journey. Shown below is a map of the transition points where the CB&Q, D&RGW, and WP handed the train off, and the common locomotive set up that would be used.

California Zephyr Route Map
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Model Features:

  • The beautiful 11 car set includes display Unitrack and an elegant keepcase
  • Each car is individually molded to be prototypically true to the original Zephyr passenger cars
  • Each car is equipped with low flange wheels, KATO magnetic knuckle couplers and shock absorber construction for smooth and reliable operation
  • Interior of cars can be lighted with optional installation of #11-211/212 Interior Light Kit with White LED (Light Kit with White LED is DCC friendly)

Current Models

Stock # Description Car Name/Road # MSRP

"California Zephyr"
11 Car Set
Re-release of 2010 Model
Shipping August 2017
Baggage Silver Antelope
Dome coach Silver Saddle
Dome Coach Silver Rifle
Dome Coach Silver Dollar
Dome Buffet Silver Shop
10-6 Sleeper Silver Pass
10-6 Sleeper Silver Shore
Diner Silver Cafe
16 Section Sleeper Silver Poplar
10-6 Sleeper Silver Palisade
Dome Observation Silver Penthouse
* MSRP is Estimated and is subject to change upon release

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