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Cupola Caboose

Prototype Information:

The "prototype" of our model is actually taken from the drafting table of the Morrison International shop in Kenton, Ohio. Because of the great variety of equipment needs between railroads in the 1950's, International developed the idea of a "modular" caboose design. This conceptual design essentially broke the caboose down on paper into different types or styles that could be built to meet the specific needs of a particular railroad. Rather than trying to force a rigid, fixed design on all the railroads, International felt it better to let the railroad select the pieces to build the caboose to their own liking.

Model Features:

  • These models have very nice detail on the roof walkway, the end platforms and railings, and the truck sideframes.
  • Free and smooth rolling trucks for maximum performance
  • Cabooses are equipped with Kato knuckle couplers

Roadname Information:

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