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Southern Pacific "Morning Daylight" Passenger Cars

Maintenance Articles

General Maintenance Tips

Interior Lighting: The interiors of each Southern Pacific "Morning Daylight" Passenger car can be lit with the installation of our interior lighting kits. While it is possible to illuminate the cars with 11-204/206 light kits with bulbs, we recommend the installation of 11-209/210 Interior lighting kits with LED as they are DCC friendly and generate less heat than the bulbs at high voltages.

Minimum Curve Radii:

  1. Minimum Curve Radius - Ground Level Curves: R282 (11") Radius.
  2. Minimum Curve Radius - Viaduct Curves: R315 (12-3/8") Radius.
  3. Minimum Curve for Reverse or "S" Curves: R315 (12-3/8") Radius.

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