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The Kato ES44AC is offered with three different cab and numberboard styles, with both high and low mount numberboards available as appropriate to each railroad.
Here you can see the unique four-window cab used by the BNSF ES44AC, as well as the difference in truck styles between the Steerable (shown on the CN unit) and Hi-Ad trucks (shown on the BNSF)
The Kato ES44AC is based off the same high-performance chasis as the AC4400CW, allowing for greater parts interchangeability as well as matched motor speeds and DCC compatibility, for easier integration into layouts.
Like its sister locomotives, the AC4400CW and C44-9W, the ES44AC is at home in any environment, such as running intermodal service with Kato's Gunderson MAXI-IV well cars and assorted containers.
GE Built a number of "Demonstrator" units when the GEVO series was first introduced. These strikingly painted locomotives were used in promotional materials and commercials for GE's new, more environmentally friendly, locomotives.
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