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EMD F3A and F3B

Prototype Information:

The F-Unit is probably the most recognized diesel locomotive in North American history. It was found on railroads from East to West and North to South. Eastern railroads favored a "Single Headlight" version of the F3, while Western railroads favored a "Dual Headlight" version.

F3 locomotives were used in both freight and passenger service. For passenger service, it was necessary for the locomotives to have a Steam Generator to provide heat and electricity in the passenger cars. In later years, many F3 locomotives originally intended for passenger services were downgraded to freight duty.

Model Information:

The Kato EMD F3 comes in both A and B (cabless) variations. All current variations of the F-unit locomotive chassis are DCC friendly. Passenger units are commonly identified by their Steam Generators vs. freight units which lack this detail. The 2014 run of CB&Q Freight F3's have a number of passenger features, such as the straight pilot, as they began their life as locomotives pulling the California Zephyr before being repainted and repurposed as freight locomotives.

Model Features:

  • DCC friendly mechanism
  • A-unit LED has directional headlights and illuminated number boards
  • Locomotives have a powerful five pole motor with all wheel electrical pickup and blackened wheels
  • KATO magnetic knuckle couplers
  • Drop in DCC compatible with the Train Control Systems K0D8 series and Digitrax DN163K0B

Feature videos:

Product Preview: Watch this video (also accessible by clicking the image to the left) to see the final, release versions of these new Freight F-unit locomotives!

Current Models

Item # Description
Road Number
176-1109 N EMD F3A Santa Fe "Warbonnet" for the El Capitan
176-1110 N EMD F3A Santa Fe "Warbonnet" for the El Capitan
176-1111 N EMD F3B Santa Fe "Warbonnet" for the El Capitan
176-1112 N EMD F3A Union Pacific (Freight Version)
176-1113 N EMD F3A Union Pacific (Freight Version)
176-1114 N EMD F3B Union Pacific (Freight Version)
176-1115 N EMD F3A Southern Pacific "Black Widow" (Freight Version)
176-1116 N EMD F3A Southern Pacific "Black Widow" (Freight Version)
176-1117 N EMD F3B Southern Pacific "Black Widow" (Freight Version)
176-1121 EMD F3A Late Santa Fe Warbonnet
176-1122 EMD F3B Late Santa Fe Warbonnet
176-1313 N EMD F3A Chicago Burlington & Quincy (Freight Version)
176-1314 N EMD F3A Chicago Burlington & Quincy (Freight Version)
176-1315 N EMD F3B Chicago Burlington & Quincy (Freight Version)

Click here for a listing of past models (for reference only)

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