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General Maintenance Tips

Unexplained Derailing: If at some point you have removed (or if it has come off through any impacts during shipping or use) one of the power trucks of the GG1 and you are noticing a subsequent tendency for it to derail, please take note of THIS picture. The two pickup wipes from the truck should be pressed up against the bottom of the conductive strips at the base of the locomotive, creating a notable "bend". If you do not see this bend, it is very likely that the pickup wipes are not correctly aligned and are resting against the inside edge of the strip instead, restricting truck movement. Simply press the conductive strip up into the frame with a toothpick and you will see the truck pickups pop back into the correct place, like so.

Lubrication: Unless a locomotive has been sitting for a long period of time without use, Kato locomotives will not need lubrication prior to running. In fact, excessive lubrication can facilitate gunky buildup in your motor and impede performance.

Minimum Curve Radii:

  1. Minimum Curve for Reverse or "S" Curves: R249 (9 - 3/4") Radius.

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