N Scale North American Locomotives

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360-Degree look at the new Kato N scale GG1 locomotive.

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GG1 #4800 was repainted into a special "Bicentennial" red, blue, and gold paint scheme for America's 200th birthday. This locomotive joined the likes of GS-4 #4449 and BN U30C #1776 which was briefly renamed "The Spirit of '76"
The GG1 has an impressive visage, and a look that is wholly unique to this class of locomotive.
The pinstripes, as you can see, are crisply printed, even over the right-side intake grills.
Protective grills over the cab windows quickly became standard issue for GG1 locomotives to protect its engineers from "hand delivered ordinance" (eg: thrown rocks).
Each pantograph on the GG1 is precisely engineered from multiple blackened metal components and can be elevated to multiple levels.
Yes, Virginia, it can turn. Just like the real GG1, the pilot trucks are mounted to the drive trucks and are free floating, as opposed to being mounted to the chassis of the locomotive itself. This will allow the N GG1 to take tighter curves that it would otherwise be able to handle with its 10 axle wheelbase.
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