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UP Excursion Train & Water Tenders

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Prototype Information:

Almost no other railroad in this country has retained its historical equipment and honored its past like the Union Pacific. The preservation of its fleet speaks to the high value Union Pacific places on its heritage and its role in America’s history.

The Union Pacific prides itself on its history and retains a fleet of cars from its past to use with excursion trains - these special trains, often pulled by special locomotives such as the FEF-3 #844, allow people to experience a classic passenger train experience in a modern day setting, and often feature special cars such as the "Promontory" Museum car - a 1962 vintage baggage car which has been filled from top to bottom with interactive displays outlining the railroad's colorful and storied history.

Model Information:

The 7-car Excursion train consist features two brand new cars - A Power Car (A modified/rebuilt Baggage Dormitory car prototypically used for providing head end power to the trailing cars) and a UP Business car "Kenefick", forming the head and tail of the excursion consist, which also includes notable cars like the vibrantly decorated Promontory Museum car, with its full-body American Flag wrap, and a pair of Dome cars.

The Water Tenders are an all-new design and are sold as a two-pack for modelers to supplement their FEF-3 or other UP steam locomotives. Just like the prototype models, the two tenders are not identical, having (in addition to one car having an externally mounted American Flag plate) different weld mark details which will be replicated on the models of the two cars, ensuring that their unique spirit is preserved when translated into model form.

Model Features:

  • The 106-086 7-Car boxed set comes packaged in a collector's style foam tray with removable inserts for modelers to also carry their 106-085 Water Tenders if they desire.
  • Compatible with 11-211 or 11-212 Interior LED lighting kits for illuminating the fully detailed car interiors.
  • Free rolling low profile metal wheels.
  • 11" (282mm) Minimum turning radius on ground level track, 15" (381mm) Minimum turning radius on Viaduct track.
  • All detail parts installed
  • Water Tenders: Can be upgraded with an optional light board to illuminate marker lights in either direction (sold separately)
  • Water Tenders: The separate "Flag" plate will be prototypically applied to the Jim Adams Car.

Product Images; click for higher resolution images

UP Water Tenders - "Jim Adams"

UP Water Tenders - "Joe Jordan"

UP Excursion - Power Car

UP Excursion - Sleeper

UP Excursion - Museum Car

UP Excursion - Dome Coach

UP Excursion - Coach

UP Excursion - Dome Diner

UP Excursion - Business Car

Feature videos:

Unboxing: Watch this video (also accessible by clicking the image to the left) to view our unboxing video for the FEF-3, Water Tenders and 7-Car Excursion Train set!

The models in the video are final packaged production models and are identical to what will be shipped to hobby stores in early December.

Available Products:

Item #
Description MSRP
July 2019 Restock
N Union Pacific Water Tender 2-Car Set
    Set Contents:
  • UP Water Car #809 "Jim Adams" New tooling!
  • UP Water Car #814 "Joe Jordan" New tooling!
July 2019 Restock
N Union Pacific Excursion Train 7-Car Set
    Set Contents:
  • Power Car #207 New tooling!
  • Budd 10-6 Sleeper #202 "Willie James"
  • Museum Car #5779 "Promontory"
  • Dome Coach #7001 "Colombine"
  • Coach #5473 "Portland Rose"
  • Dome Diner #8008 "City of Portland"
  • Business Car #119 "Kenefick" New tooling!
August 2019 Restock
N Union Pacific Excursion Train 7-Car Set w/ Pre-Installed Interior Lighting $350.00


Item #
Description MSRP
928065 Water Tender Headlight PCB Kit (fits one tender) $7.00
Kato USA, Inc. 100 Remington Road Schaumburg, IL 60173