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Unitrack Modular Electric Turntable

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To everything there is a Season, Turn, Turn, Turn

The turntable and the roundhouse are iconic railway structures, and at long last they are coming to the N Gauge Kato UNITRACK system! Featuring a modular design that allows the easy addition and movement of up to 36 tracks, a sophisticated dual-motor driven indexing system that guarantees proper alignment, and an easy to use Turntable power system that takes full advantage of the power routing functions of Kato UNITRACK so that you can move and park locomotives onto parking tracks or in a roundhouse with minimal additional wiring, the Kato N Gauge Modular Turntable is perfect for modelers looking to add something special to both their tabletop and their scenic layouts!

The Kato N Gauge Unitrack Turntable uses special fitted 10 track sections which can serve as powered parking tracks or can be substituted with dead end pieces. It's a "snap" to swap around and add additional tracks!

While the turntable is necessarily elevated because of the need for internal motors and other below-track equipment, thanks to clever engineering it is a mere 12mm (just under half an inch) from the base of the turntable to the top of the rails. By using the flexibility of Kato Unijoiners it is possible to connect the Turntable to a tabletop layout without the need to sink the turntable into foam.

Swapping or adding tracks is as easy as removing a screw - the modular design of the Unitrack Turntable is specifically tailored to allow modelers to easily change their Turntable layout without the need for any additional wiring or soldering - simply pop the screw cover off, unscrew the single screw holding the plate in place, and either exchange it for a blank section or one with tracks. The Turntable's indexing and power routing design will take care of the rest!

Feature videos:

Product Preview: Watch this video (also accessible by clicking the image to the left) to see this new Turntable in motion!

This video will give you an overview of how the turntable works, its basic features, its expandability options, and how it can be used on your layout - it also shows the turntable in-use in a tabletop environment, but the turntable can just as easily be mounted into a scenic layout!

Model Features:

  • The Central rotary bridge is 6.3" (160mm) in length, able to support most standard length locomotives up to and including the N scale SD90/43MAC
  • A complete 360 rotation takes approximately 60 seconds.
  • The Turntable will index in 10 sections, smoothly and quickly aligning with connected tracks automatically.
  • The Turntable bridge itself acts as a rotating track feeder, allowing the turntable to operate simply as a power routing system without any complex wiring or insulating blocks.
  • The Turntable is fully compatible with DCC systems, routing power from either your analog or DCC power pack through the included 36" ribbon cable and Turntable Controller.
Click the above image for a listing of measurements of the various Turntable components

 !   Kato's N Gauge Modular Turntable is available as a basic set with a number of add-on parts. It can be operated on its own with a single Kato Power Pack, but it is recommended that you use at least two Power Packs (one for the turntable and roundhouse area, one for your main line) so that you can independently operate the turntable without interrupting your mainline operations.

You can download a full PDF copy of the instruction guide included with the N Gauge Kato Turntable by clicking this link: Download (9 MB).

Turntable and Related Items
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Item # Description MSRP
20-283 Electric Turntable
  • Turntable
  • Control box
  • Control box AC Adapter
  • 35" Ribbon connector cable
  • 4 x Straight Extension Tracks
  • 6 x Bumper Track fittings
20-284 Turntable Extension Track Feeder Kit
    Kit to convert a Fitted Connecting Track into a power feeding track (3 ea.)
20-285 Turntable Extension Track Set (Straight)
    Set of Fitted Connecting Straight Tracks (3 pcs), Bumper Tracks (3 pcs) and Track Turntable Sections (2 pcs).
20-286 Turntable Extension Track Set (Curved)
    Set of Fitted Connecting Curved Tracks (Right+Left), 62mm (2 7/16") Straight Track, and Track Turntable Sections (2 pcs) for use with Wood 2-Stall Engine House (#23-225).

Turntable Extension Cable - 59 1/16"
    Extension Cable for lengthening the distance between the Turntable and the Controller.
24-850 Power Feed Control Switch
    Control box allows you to turn on/off track feeders at will in order to isolate track sections at command. Usable with the Turntable Extension Tracks or in general with other UNITRACK Feeders or terminal Unijoiners.
Coming soon
24-851 Power Direction Control Switch
    Control box allows you to reverse the direction of a track feeder at will in order to easily implement reversing loops.
23-225 Wooden 2-Stall Engine House Kit 38.50
23-226 Yard Buildings Kit 30.00
23-229 Steam Engine Service Facility Set 38.00
23-240 Roundhouse
    Three track Roundhouse building. Multiple roundhouses can be placed adjacently to create larger engine depots.

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