Connecting Unitrack to other brands of track:

Unitrack was designed in such a way that it can be used with other manufacturer's brands of track. Both N and HO scale Unitrack is compatible with standard sectional track.

For N-Scale, we recommend the use of our #20-045 sectional track conversion track. It is designed to connect with Unitrack on one end and sectional track on the other..

HO Unitrack is also easy to connect to other track! Many HO modelers who use Unitrack wish to use special-purpose track pieces from other manufacturers. To "splice" such a piece into a Unitrack layout, simply remove the Unijoiner from the ends of the Unitrack sections that will attach to the conventional sectional track piece. After using a piece of trimmed cork roadbed to adjust the rails of the conventional track section to the same height as the Unitrack rails, connect the sections together using standard nickel-silver rail joiners (available at your local hobby shop).

For both scales, a little bit of Unitrack ballast (Item #24-039) should blend another manufacturer's track into the rest of a Kato Unitrack layout.

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