N EMD F7A and F7B

Prototype Information:

The F-Unit is probably the most recognized diesel locomotive in North American history. It was found on railroads from East to West and North to South. Similar in appearance to its predecessor, the EMD F3, the EMD F7 was a 1500 hp multi-purpose locomotive. Although originally promoted as a freight-hauling unit by EMD, the F7 was also used in passenger service hauling such trains such as the Santa Fe Super Chief and the Great Northern Empire Builder. The F7 was the fourth model in GM-EMD’s highly successful F-unit series, and was for a long time (until the introduction of the EMD SD40-2 freight unit) was the best selling Diesel-electric locomotive ever made.


Model Information:

The Kato EMD F7 comes in both A and B (cabless) variations, and is retooled from earlier variations of the F-unit locomotive chassis to make it DCC friendly. Passenger units can be identified by their Steam Generators vs. freight units which lack this detail.


“Starter Series” Sets:


The Kato EMD F7A is also avialable in ready-made freight bundles as a part of Kato’s “Starter Series” line, combining one of our F7A locomotives with an assortment of mixed freight cars. You can see what’s available in this line here: EMD F7A Freight Starter Series Page

Model Features:

Paint Schemes; click for higher resolution images

AT&SF BlueBonnet

AT&SF Yellow Bonnet F7A

AT&SF Yellow Bonnet F7B

Canadian National F7A

Canadian National F7B

Union Pacific F7A

Union Pacific F7B

Southern Pacific F7A

Southern Pacific F7B

B&O F7A + F7B

Milwaukee Road F7A + F7B

Current Models

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Stock #


EMD F7A + F7B Milwaukee Road Freight 2-Locomotive Set

106-0429-DCC EMD F7A + F7B Milwaukee Road Freight 2-Locomotive Set w/Pre-Installed DCC

106-0429-LS EMD F7A + F7B Milwaukee Road Freight 2-Locomotive Set w/Pre-Installed DCC + Sound

* Dual Headlight, Straight Pilot, no steam generator

Road #




$175 for Analog/DC. $375 for Digital DCC. $575 for DCC+Sound

* Prices are estimated and subject to change upon release