Shop Finder


Our Shop Finder allows consumers to locate hobby dealers that are committed to stocking the Unitrack product line.

Note: We have found that those shops that are committed to our track line also keep a good inventory of our models!


J&J Hobbies 15 Selwyn St Beaudesert Queensland 4285

Operating Unitrack Display in store:This icon indicates shops that have an operating Unitrack display where you can see and interact with Unitrack directly.

Golden Spike Dealers have committed to stock our complete line of Starter Sets, Unitrack Sets, and Unitrack in the scale(s) they have specified. This includes all track items, as well as most structures and accessories.

Silver Spike Dealershave committed to stock our line of Starter Sets, Unitrack Sets, and some Unitrack in the scale(s) they have specified.

Important Note:Although participating dealers have committed to actively stock our product, Kato USA makes no guarantee of the availability of items from a particular dealer as inventory levels are subject to change.

No Shop in your area?

You may also use the shop locator services listed below, however do NOT assume that shops listed in these databases stock our product. We are providing these links as a courtesy for you to locate shops near you. These databases include hobby shops that do not stock railroad products. So once you have located a shop, we suggest making a phone call to check inventory with the store.