N Southern Pacific “Morning Daylight” Passenger Cars

Prototype Information:

In the 1940s, the Southern Pacific Morning Daylight was possibly the worlds most beautiful train, its orange and red striping being reserved for the SPs premier train lines. This Morning Daylight consist ran between Los Angeles and San Francisco along the beautiful California coast, past cities such as Ventura, Santa Barbara, Salinas and San Jose. Heading up the Morning Daylight was the specially built steam locomotive, the GS-4, one of the most well known steam engines ever built.

Click the above image to see the full consist layout for the 18 car “Morning Daylight” Passenger Train!


Model Features:

  • Unique tooling for each specific car type, with appropriate exterior AND details installed
  • Articulated cars (Coaches and the three-car Coffee shop/Kitchen/Diner) use a movable exterior diaphragm to create the accurate, smoothly connected appearance of the prototype
  • Shock Absorber equipped trucks create a smoother ride and consistent electrical pickup when using interior lighting kits.
  • Observation car has lighted drumhead and marker lights
  • Fully detailed interiors can be lit with optional Interior lighting kit with LED  #11-211/11-212
  • Interior Lights can be controlled on DCC with the optional FR11 DCC decoder, while the end observation lights gain on/off control on DCC via an optional FL12 decoder.
  • Can be pulled by Kato’s GS-4 Steam Locomotive

Car Types; click for higher resolution images

Baggage-Chair Car

Coffee Shop

Kitchen Car

Dining Car

Chair Car

Articulated Chair

Articulated Chair w/ Radio Antenna

Tavern Car

Parlor Car

Parlor Observation

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