Prototype Information:


The EMD E5 was built as a 2000 horsepower (despite the E in the name of the locomotive series originally referring to an Eighteen hundred horsepower engine specification) locomotive for passenger service specifically for the Chicago Burlington & Quincy. The major difference between the E5 and its other early E-unit brothers was its stainless steel finish and distinctive fluting, specifically chosen to match the CB&Qs corrugated passenger trains such as the California Zephyr, Nebraska Zephyr, and Silver Streak Zephyr.

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EMD E5A #9909 Silver Bullet was built specially for service with the Silver Streak Zephyr and was fitted with Skirts on the trucks and a covered cowl to emphasize the sleek, streamlined look of the locomotive and train.

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Individual EMD E5A locomotive releases have a variety of different printing patterns on the nose to reflect the general use versions of the CB&Q E5A locomotive, as well as have un-skirted trucks that reflect the locomotive’s later appearance when they would have been used to pull trains such as the California Zephyr.

Model Features:

Model Information:

The EMD E5 has a distinctive raised angular radiator grill arrangement on the roof that was specific for that locomotive.

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A special feature of the new Kato EMD E5A is that the front coupler cowling can be removed on both the skirted and un-skirted units in order to mount a Kato magnetic knuckle coupler  this allows modelers to double head these locomotives when pulling longer trains such as the California Zephyr! Please note that the optional couplers are only included with the single locomotive releases.

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Another point of interest is that all E5’s were custom built with stainless steel corrugated sides so as to match the CB&Qs stainless cars; a feature that gives these locomotives a noticeable shine and makes the matching Silver Streak Zephyr Zephyr so elegant.

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E5A "Black Nose" Individual Release version

E5A "Black Nose" Set Release version

E5A "Red Nose" IRM version

E5A "Red Nose" 60's version

Videos and Additional Content

Watch the CB&Q “Silver Streak Zephyr” in action in this feature video on youtube – click the image to the left to open the video in a new window!

Current Releases:

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N CB&Q EMD E5A & Silver Streak Zephyr 6 Unit Set


EMD E5A #9909 Silver Bullet

Budd Baggage/RPO #1600 Silver Sheen

Budd Baggage Car #900 Silver Light

Budd Coach #4703 Silver Gleam

Budd Coach #4704 Silver Glow

Budd Observation #300 Silver Spirit

Specially designed bookcase packaging that holds the locomotive and five cars with additional room for an extra 2 E5 locomotives


$250 for Analog/DC. $350 for Digital DCC. $325 for Pre-lit Cars. $450 for DCC+Sound.