N ACF 70ton Closed Side Hoppers

Prototype Information:


First introduced in 1940’s, manufactured by American Car & Foundry, built throughout 1950’s and operated well in to 1980’s, this hopper is one of the most popular non-boxcar pieces of equipment to roll on North American rails. These versatile hoppers were used to transport granular bulk commodities, such as sand, concrete, powdered lime, and sugar. Some are still in service today, primarily as Maintenance of Way (MOW) service.

Model Features:

  • Accurate scaled reproduction of prototype
  • Optimally weighted to prevent derailments on moderately imperfect track without hindering locomotive performance
  • Highly detailed ASF “Ride Control” truck
  • Authentic looking, semi-automatic KATO Knuckle Coupler

Available Paint Schemes; click for higher resolution images

Santa Fe

Chicago Burlington & Quincy

Chesapeake & Ohio

Union Pacific

"Starter Series" Train Sets now available

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Shipping November 2019


N ACF Covered Hopper 8-Car Set


Santa Fe #181555 & #181610

CB&Q #182266 & #182301

Chesapeake & Ohio #800 & #1010

Union Pacific #210 & #409

This set is a perfect accompaniment to the FEF-3 Freight version or Santa Fe SDP40F locomotives!