Compatibility of Unitrack with DCC:

With regards to the use of Unitrack with DCC, there is a capacity of DC12V3A built into the product line. The quality construction of Unitrack and reliable rail connection provided by the Unijoiner assure that the DCC signal is dependably transmitted.

Unitrack turnouts use a bi-polar solenoid drive for reliable operation. To switch the turnout digitally, be sure to choose a DCC turnout decoder that supports the bi-polar drive. Digitrax recommends their DS52 or DS51K1 stationary decoder for operation of Kato Unitrack turnouts.

Although Kato has been at the forefront to manufacture products with DCC Friendly design, we realize that it is sometimes necessary for hobbyists to require further technical support from professionals. In these instances, the hobbyist should visit the shop he or she purchased the merchandise from for dedicated consultation and service to achieve his needs. A list of Kato Recommended Unitrack Dealers may help you find out the shop offers both Unitrack and DCC products.