Obtaining Parts

You may obtain parts for HO and N scale KATO models from

  • Your retail hobby dealer (Your dealer may order from KATO authorized wholesale distributors or direct from Kato USA), or…
  • Kato USA direct (with applicable sales tax and Shipping & Handling charges added)
  1. To place an order online, you may use our Online Parts Catalog.
  2. By PHONE: 847-781-9500, 2:00pm-4:00PM CST, M-F except holidays
  3. By MAIL: 100 Remington Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173 USA
  4. By FAX: 847-781-9570
  5. In PERSON (if in the NW Chicago area): At the Kato USA office. Please note the address and office hours above.

Important Notes

Only parts for North American prototype models are stocked at Kato USA To order parts for models that are not North American prototypes, you
may inquire with Kato USA, however a faster response will often come from direct contact with the office in Japan

Hobby Center Kato, Tokyo

Generally speaking, parts for a specific model are supplied only at the time of model production. Parts are then restocked only at the time of a subsequent production of the same model or if the identical part is utilized on a different model. Consequently, because of the wide range of models produced and new models continually being introduced, some parts may become unavailable between
productions. In addition, because we consistently look for ways to upgrade our models, earlier “versions” of certain parts may not be available after being superceded by new components.

Parts are offered in factory packages and/or combinations. Some components may be available only within a larger assembly. If an item is not called out specifically with an item number and description in the Exploded Parts Diagram (in Parts Catalog or on Instruction Sheet accompanying model), it is not available as a separate part at this time.

KATO Japan has produced models for other companies as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that may carry KATO or Sekisui Kinzoku (KATO Japan) identification. For these models, you must contact the original importer.

Atlas Model Railroad Co

Con-Cor International

Bowser Manufacturing, Inc

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding, as well as your support of KATO Precision Railroad Models.