What’s the Mini-Diorama Project?

KATO USA is a company that produces high-quality model railroad products, we have launched a Cross Curriculum Program named STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) in order to introduce schools and organizations to think outside of the box with this creative exercise!

The Mini Diorama Kit is a fun and educational project that challenges students to practice craftsmanship and use their imagination to create a vibrant display piece. Each kit is easily assembled with glue and a small screwdriver. Students can easily follow along with the included instructions to complete the foundation and then build on top of it with their favorite craft materials.

Once each student in a classroom assembles their kits, you have the chance to connect them and create an operating display.

How can I use the Mini-Diorama in my Lesson Plan?

The STEAM Program can easily connect with a myriad of subjects and lesson plans:

  • Science: Students can learn about the complex factors that make up an ecological community. Students can be challenged to create a suitable living environment for humans, plants, and animals. These environments can be fully realized with scenery craft products.
  • Technology: Each side of the rail of the UNITRACK provided is powered with the use of wires and a DC electric controller, students can learn about the distribution of an electricity with the subject of Polarity. KATO makes learning about power distribution, conversion, and management engaging with the use of model trains.
  • Engineering: The Diorama Kit makes you feel like a real designer as you attach pieces together and follow a blueprint. The project presents a challenge to students, how can they efficiently complete their project with the materials in their classroom? Will their work be structurally sound? What are the space constraints?
  • Art: Students have a unique way to express their creativity with the diorama kit, there are no rules to model railroading! Students can paint, draw, sculpt and more around the designated track space to create an impressive display piece to use in the classroom and take home.
  • Math: Model Railroading requires a lot of measuring and scale proportions. Students can learn about the various radiuses used and what it takes to create a full circle. Furthermore if students can be challenged to work within the 1:160 scale of N-Scale model train standards.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Build a Mini-Diorama Kit!

<p>An in-depth look on how to construct your diorama kit,&nbsp; closely follows the instructions given in each set.</p>

A video showing of how to add scenery to your Mini-Diorama kit. This video is a great resource to to build on top of!