Pocket Line Trains + Locomotives

Innovation in a small package:

The Kato “Pocket line” is a line of affordable, small engines and mini-trains that are designed to fit on even the smallest layouts, like those using our Compact Track or UNITRAM tracks.


The latest generation of Pocket Line engines all use Kato’s coreless motor drive with enhanced electrical pickup to ensure that they can run smoothly, even at incredibly low voltages and speeds – great for fans of “creeping” engines!


Coming in late 2021, Kato USA will be releasing a special “US style” paint release version of the Pocket line steep cab electric, designed to resemble those used in the 1920’s and in some cases still today in daily freight service at the Iowa Traction Railway! These orange painted engines will include a movable pantograph, North American standard Kato knuckle couplers, and a bright orange paint scheme.


Video Link: Watch a video showing the Iowa Traction Engine in action here: YOUTUBE LINK


Model Features:

  • Fully motorized with coreless motor construction (DC Compatible only)
  • Fitted with Kato Knuckle Couplers
  • Sharply detailed and adjustable metal pantograph
  • Capable of navigating small radius curves like 5-6″

Feature videos:

Feature Video: Watch this video (also accessible by clicking the image to the left) to see an overview of the look and features of the N Scale Pocket Line Series Steeple Cab Electric locomotive, available starting in late July 2021!

Release and Pricing Information :

item #



item #

July 2021


N Pocket Line Series Steeple Cab Electric Locomotive